What motivates you? For me, it's nature, moving towards the unknown, finding new ideas. A new path or just a new way of doing something different.

I love dressing myself because it makes me feel good. When I take care of myself and I dress up, I feel GOOD, I feel I can rock the world, I find the confidence and the strength that lives in me. That's is my reason to dress.


ModaMe started 9 months after the pandemic happened as a way of doing this new path in my life. I needed a change, a fresh air, a new begging in my chapter. So I decided to sell clothes at the Farmers Market here where I live, in Key Biscayne. It's a community very close to Miami.


I was understanding the market, what women were trying to wear after almost a year just staying home in her sweat pants. And I had fun!! I met beautiful women, different styles, sharing their stories, from Canada, Argentina, many cities around America, Italian, Brazilians. They were unique.


And now I'm here as a small business, bringing to you what I love and things I would wear. Fashion doesn't need to be expensive, it can be affordable and I would love to help you find this confidence in you. Dress up not only when you have a party or a meeting. Dress up for yourself, make the most out of yourself, and don't be afraid to shine.


We have different styles and ways to dress, so let ModaMe help you out.


I, as a personal style, can help you too! Follow @annie.b.style for tips and all the news ModaMe has in this exclusive online store.

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